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Bono Mar-Zur x Jolie Moravia Campanella
Our Q-Litter is born on 22 February 2017 5 Males (4 Dark Sable - 1 Black) and 2 Females (1 Sable - 1 Black).


27/11/2016 Bono Mar-Zur IPO 2 (87-86-90) juge: Rinus Bastiaansen
30/07/2016: Bono Mar-Zur IPO 1 (A:94 B:96 C:96) Juges: Rinus Bastiaansen & Diana Segers
30/07/2016: Tchico van de Zeelberg IPO 1 (A:95 B:92 C:93) Juges: Rinus Bastiaansen & Diana Segers
16/07/2016: Fast Von Rouach IPO 3 (A:97 B:84 C:95) Juge: C.Jaspers

All the puppies from our "P" Litter have joined their new Families.
We are very pleased about this Litter (Bono Mar-Zur x Jolie Moravia Campanella)
Color - Temperament - Character - Drives - Sociability, ... were excellent.
We will do this combination again in the future.
Prada - Puma - Pike - Pako (BE)
Pedro "Dexter" - Panenka (NL)
Petra (CY)

"P" Litter Rocarzja born:

"P" Litter Rocarzja born on 4/07/2016, 6 Males and 2 Females (1 Black male - 5 Dark Sable Males and 2 Dark Sable Females) Bono Mar-Zur x Jolie Moravia Campanella

Breeding 05/05/2016
Puppies expected begin July 2016

Fast Von Rouach obtains his IPO 2 (A: 95 B:82 C:94) at the contest De Trouwe Herder in Netherland.
Juge: A. Van der Meijden


All the puppies have found new home.

Rocarzja Only - Orca - Ona - Ortega - Orlo (BE)
Rocarzja Oxana (NL)
Rocarzja Origi - Okelani (DE)
Fast Von Rouach successfully obtains his IPO 1 (A: 75 B:97 C:96) at the contest Ter Lo.
Juges: Diana Segers & Rinus Bastiaansen

Tchico Van de Zeelberg also successfully obtains his won BH at the contest KG 21 Ter Lo.
Juge: Diana Segers

Bono Mar-Zur obtains his certificate BH with great success to the contest De Trouwe Herder in Netherlands (NL).
Juge : R.Van Eck

"O" Litter born on 28/04/2015, 3 males and 5 females Jolie Moravia campanella x Mitakuye Oyasin Vom Talka Marda

Breeding 28/2/2015.
Puppies expected end April 2015.

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